Graduate scheme

The JDX graduate scheme provides one of the fastest career development prospects in the market. You will begin training even before you start with us!

The JDX graduate programme provides one of the fastest career development prospects in the market. You will be paid from the day you join and trained even before you start with us! One of JDX Consulting’s most critical drivers for success is our belief that the ongoing personal development of all our employees is fundamental. The initial two-year business consulting graduate program provides a foundation of training in financial services for our consultants and, in conjunction with our unique culture, creates the JDXer.

A Grad programme like no other…

From day 1 you can expect to be working with top tier banks and investment firms as part of an energetic JDX team. We will supplement your projects with training to support you in your role and with your career progression, and we continue to do this throughout your career at JDX.  That’s part of what makes it one of the best financial business consulting graduate schemes.

What to expect?

We don’t hire based on your academic discipline, we hire based on your ability to learn, your ability to communicate to a high standard and your passion for working with people and working at JDX. Because of this, JDX hires a more diverse range of people than traditional banks and consultancies. We know that we have the tools needed to meet your potential – we have an industry-leading Learning and Development team, and a leadership team made up of some of the most renowned subject matter experts in the industry who will support you from the day you join JDX.

The Graduate programme begins with our recruitment progress, including a 4 day ‘bootcamp’. Successful candidates will then be placed on our two-year training programme. During your first two-years at JDX, you will be thrown into life as a consultant. You will be learning whilst you work – most consultants are placed on project right away, and you will regularly be visiting the JDX Headquarters to meet your teams, network, socialise, and for your training sessions. You will have met some of your colleagues at the 5-day bootcamp, but our Head Office staff will be eager to meet you and get to know you, so you can expect lots of socialising early on! Between projects, you will be ‘on the bench’, and will be stationed at Head Office where you will have opportunities to learn from and support the Head Office functions.

Throughout your two years on the business consulting graduate scheme, you will be completing a series of internal and external courses through the JDX Academy. Our Academy provides leading-edge blended training using world class eLearning modules alongside highly interactive classroom-based sessions. By the end of the 2-year programme, you will be able to start choosing which areas you would like to specialise in, and begin crafting your own career path. For more information about the JDX Academy, see here.

Graduate scheme recruitment process

Two interviews with Recruitment team

You will first have two interviews with the recruitment team- this will be to understand you, see how you communicate and engage with others, and test your understanding and interest in the sector. If successful you will move forward to the final part of our interview process… the JDX Bootcamp.

The JDX Bootcamp

The Bootcamp is a four-day assessment centre… Don’t worry, it’s much more relaxed than it sounds. During the four days you will be upskilled in a series of financial topics most prevalent in the sector- this is to test your ability to learn and your interest in working within financial services. There will also be lots of fun activities and social workshops to see how you interact with others, and to test your levels of creative thinking. At the end of the week we have a short exam to assess how engaged you’ve been through the week, and a presentation.

JDX bootcamp was a unique experience in terms of job interview, it provided an immersive environment that allowed me to gain a good understanding of the company culture in a short amount of time. It challenged me to learn quickly and be adaptable in different environments, and I enjoyed having the opportunity to demonstrate my capabilities as I gained a better understanding of the financial industry.”

– Benjamin Pons