Creating Opportunities

Purpose & Values


JDX’s purpose is to create opportunities for our people, our clients, and our firm.

JDX stands for something different, something special, a company continuing to break new boundaries and charter new opportunities. With this in mind, we launched JDX’s 7 core values. JDX Values were established and are lived by JDXers. Our ability to resolve the most complex business challenge and yet also provide skilled support for large-scale tactical operations is fuelled by the knowledge, energy, enthusiasm, and integrity of our staff. These values drive our passion and allow JDXers to perform to the very best of their abilities– they are a central part of JDX’s continued success.

Making the difference

JDX Establishes a Go Green Society

Breaking the Plastic Habit is a programme which aims to eliminate single-use plastics from stores and businesses at Canary Wharf via new technology,

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JDX to support British Schoolgirls Skiing Races 2020

The British Schoolgirl Races, which are organised by the Ladies Ski Club, first took place on the slopes of Gstaad in 1959, moving to Villars in 1976. 

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Why Letting Data Go Matters to Customers and Companies

Data Management and Architecture Leader
16 May 2019, London.
We hear a lot of talk about how, 

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