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About our people

Creating opportunities for our people is a fundamental part of JDX’s purpose.

Our people are the experts behind JDX solutions and bring our capabilities to life.

We are committed to providing a safe and stimulating environment that empowers our consultants to generate breakthrough ideas to create opportunities for our clients – and for themselves. Our investment in people is centred around three key areas: the JDX Academy, specialist training and transparent career pathways.

Subject Matter Experts

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Diversity in Business Committee

The Diversity in Business (DiB) committee was established globally by JDXers who were passionate about diversity and inclusion. The committee is made up of five key sub-groups, each with a dedicated leader, who host events, panels and spread awareness about ethnicity and race, sexual orientation, gender, diversity of thought and disabilities.

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Our Wellbeing Committee

JDX’s wellbeing committee work throughout the year to host initiatives focused on our staff’s mental and physical wellbeing. From wellbeing months, yoga and exercise classes to mental health workshops and training, every initiative is aimed at protecting the health of JDXers.

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The JDX Academy
From day one, every consultant is enrolled onto the JDX Academy, the best-in-class programme of learning and development that has been carefully crafted to help our teams solve clients’ challenges. Each level within the organisation receives a blend of technical and soft skills training, delivered through a variety of means to suit every learning style. JDXers benefit from regular classroom and virtual training sessions, coaching and mandatory assessments at each grade that allow them to develop into technically competent, highly skilled communicators. In 2020 alone, our consultants completed over 16,000 hours of e-learning, as well as 231 classroom sessions.

In addition, consultants can complete industry recognized external qualifications and obtain specialist knowledge and latest technological expertise to support our clients. In 2020, we sponsored 123 external certifications for our JDXers, including ACAMS and ICA Certificate in KYC, CDD and AML.

Specialist training
Our solutions and capabilities are designed by industry-leading subject matter experts with decades of experience across our key domains. What sets JDXers apart is the ongoing additional training delivered by these experts, with the support of Learning and Development specialists. Our global teams can meet the changing needs of our clients because we have the leading minds behind the solutions teaching them how to do so.

Embracing new transformative technologies delivered by our partners, we offer consultants the opportunity to get trained in products that change the shape of financial industry operations and in turn, to help our clients evolve ahead of the market.

Transparent career pathways
We strive to be a world-class platform for talented professionals to grow and develop their consulting, commercial and entrepreneurial toolkits. We align every consultant to well defined transparent career pathways so that the JDXers know what to expect and can see a clear map of their professional journey. Grade by grade, our consultants know what their progression looks like, how to excel, and how to tailor their next steps to their career goals. Despite a year of uncertainty, we upheld our career advancement promise by promoting 177 JDXers in 2020-21.

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