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Diversity & inclusion

At JDX, we respect and value each other’s differences. Our success is a direct result of the strength of our workforce, and this strength comes from diversity. Diversity in our talent’s backgrounds, cultures, identities, and ethnicities helps foster diversity in our decision making and problem solving. We build lasting relationships with our clients and meet our clients’ needs in unique, innovative ways because our JDXers can use their different backgrounds and points of view to solve problems quickly.

Our commitments

JDX has made several commitments to improving diversity and inclusion both within the firm and beyond. We recognise that there is much more to be done to elevate progress with regards to diversity and inclusion at JDX, and so we are focussing on 4 key areas: recruitment, career progression, retention, and targets.

We have established several societies, committees and working groups who are committed to enabling this change. Not only do these groups help provide a voice for our minority groups, but they provide a safe space to share thoughts, and ultimately make JDX a more enjoyable place to work.

10000 Black Interns

As part of our ongoing commitment to Diversity & Inclusion we are a proud partner of 10000 Black Interns. 

We will be offering paid internships in 2022. As a firm, we are committed to creating opportunities and assisting in building the next generation of Black decision-makers by providing a springboard to employment alongside training, mentoring and support.

JDX has pledged it’s commitment to the Race at Work Charter.

Diversity in business committee

The Diversity in Business (DiB) committee was established globally by JDXers who were passionate about diversity and inclusion. The committee is made up of five key sub-groups, each with a dedicated leader, who host events, panels and spread awareness about ethnicity and race, sexual orientation, gender, diversity of thought and disabilities.

Improving diversity and inclusion working groups

As a result of the 2020 Black Lives Matter Movement, JDXers from across the business formed a working group to action the feedback given by peers. The working group has developed a continuously evolving 12-month action plan which will see various new initiatives established aimed at improving diversity and inclusion at JDX.

Local mentorship charities

JDX’s purpose is to create opportunities for our people, for our clients and for our firm. We recognise that if we want to improve socio-economic and racial diversity within the Financial Industry, then we have a responsibility to create opportunities for future talent, wherever it comes from.

With that in mind, we are proud to announce partnerships with charities local to each of our key regional hubs across the world. These partnerships are designed to support underprivileged children by offering mentorships, help with CV writing, job applications, hosting seminars in schools, as well as providing underprivileged children with more exposure to the industry through field trips and work experience. This is something that we are committed to globally – we can all play a part in diversifying the future workforce of the financial industry, and this is important to us as a firm, wherever we operate.

With thanks to our local charity partners, Urban Synergy, imentor, SpunOut, Children’s Wishing Well, Take Stock in Children and Sport 4 Life.

JDX charity of the year

We are absolutely delighted to announce that JDXers have chosen International Justice Mission (IJM) as our new Global Charity of the Year. IJM is the world’s largest international anti-slavery organisation.  Over the past 20 years, they have helped bring more than 55,000 individuals to freedom from violent oppression and in areas in which they have worked, they have seen slavery fall by up to 86%.  Many people believe slavery ended long ago, but this could not be further from the truth. Over 40 million people are in slavery today, more than at any other time in history.

Slavery happens everywhere and it is the third most profitable criminal industry in the world. The good news is, IJM know how to end it, and at JDX, we are proud to support them in this mission. Working with IJM as our Global Charity of the Year means that they will become our partner, and all global fundraising efforts and charitable initiatives, will be in support of their incredible cause. JDXers across the world came together to vote for the charity they believed aligned best with our company values.

Women in data & tech committee

Our women in data and tech came together in 2020 to form the ‘Women in Data and Tech Committee’. The committee was formed as a means of connecting with like-minded colleagues, to share resources, learning materials, upcoming events, share ideas and build a platform for women in data and tech within the Firm. The committee host regular events, meet-ups and several members have even appeared in external panel events.

Women in business committee

JDX is immensely proud of its female workforce. The Women in Business Committee is an exciting and fun place for our female JDXers to come together to forge friendships, share ideas, and uplift one another. The committee members are champions of gender equality, and host regular meetings and events.

International Women’s Day & History Month

JDXers globally come together to support International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month each year. JDX are passionate about supporting women in business; JDX has closed 4 out of the 5 reportable gender pay gaps and has established a female mentoring programme.

Women’s mentoring

The culture of JDX relies on our commitment to the internal development of our staff. As a result of this, structured mentoring programmes have long been a critical part of our Academy programme. We are proud to be launching our newest addition, JDX’s Women’s Mentoring Scheme, designed for our female graduates.

International men’s day

Each year, JDXers raise awareness in support of International Men’s Day. Often, this represents an opportunity to shed light on the difficulties that men face with regards to mental health. We want our workforce to feel able to seek help whenever it’s needed and have specially trained mental health officers who are here to help.

Gender pay gap

The Gender Pay Gap report shows the difference in the average hourly rates of pay between men and women in the workplace, regardless of their role, length of service, seniority, or any other differentiating factors. View our full report here.

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