JDX ranked in the Telegraph Tech 100

          April 18, 2019

          More great news from JDX this week with the announcement that we have been ranked in the Telegraph Tech 100.

          This prestigious list is a veritable who’s who of leading entrepreneurs from the fastest growing technology firms in the UK based on revenue and employee growth. As the organisers of the Telegraph Tech 100 point out, making the list is not just a yardstick of individual success – it is also a measure of the extent to which the company is making waves in the digital economy.

          The selection process prioritised high growth firms, recognising the role they play in job creation as the engines of economic development. We are particularly proud that within the employment category, JDX was the fourth-highest ranked company on the list.

          We already knew that JDX was one of the most dynamic private companies in the UK – this was one of the key factors behind our inclusion in both the Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100 and the Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 in recent months.

          However, it is always nice to see our success validated by external recognition.

          The compilers of the Telegraph Tech 100 list were also guided by the OECD definition of ‘fast-growing’ – that is to say an average annualised growth greater than 20%.

          They cannot fail to have noticed that we have seen strong global demand for our operations and consulting services in the financial and insurance markets. Over the last three years we have experienced average annual sales growth of 47%, boosted by our diversification into consultancy work across varied sectors including financial services, IT and legal.

          Thank you to all our ‘JDXers’ who live our values and demonstrate commitment and integrity every day, without their energy and enthusiasm we would not be in a position to receive such accolades.

          Current and future clients can rest assured that this and other accolades will not go to our heads. We will continue to develop and expand JDX by building on our existing capabilities and exploring new avenues for improving the customer experience.

          -Greg Hannah

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