JDXers keep the JDX culture alive despite lockdown

          August 5, 2020

          Louise Hepworth

          Thank you to the JDXers globally who have kept the JDX culture alive over the past 4 months with your innovation, creativity, and can-do attitudes.

          Since its inception, JDX has taken pride in its unique culture. These past 4 months, however, have been the true test of the JDX culture and ‘can-do’ attitude. Faced with the new way of working, JDXers were suddenly unable to participate in events, fundraising initiatives, training sessions, societies, and sports, and were no longer able to meet and welcome new joiners. There was every possibility that the unique culture that had developed over the past 8 years could fade away.

          Instead, JDXers have pulled together and found ways to ensure the ‘new normal’ is as ‘normal’ as possible. The new way of working has allowed our teams to host global events, enabling teams that have never met to develop relationships. Training sessions, fundraising initiatives, wellness weeks, fitness weeks and competitions have brought our teams closer than ever.

          We are proud of our workforce for their innovation, communication, entrepreneurial mindsets, and ‘can-do’ attitudes. Thank you for your continued commitment and energy, we look forward to more initiatives over the coming months!

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