JDX Welcomes Charles Post as Head of US Consulting Services – Delivery & Sales

          November 4, 2019

          JDX is pleased to welcome digitization and financial services leader Charles Post to JDX Consulting.  

          Charles joins as the Head of US Consulting Services – Delivery & Sales, a newly created role that leverages his industry thought leadership and deep understanding of front-to-back processing and automation.  In addition, Charles will be a Global Business Partnerships lead and oversee our U.S. Business Development. Charles brings with him a wealth of financial services knowledge and experience and a proven ability to build cutting edge business capabilities.   Prior to joining JDX, Charles was at BNY Mellon where he led some of the industry’s most ambitious digitization programs, including building and deploying an enterprise artificial intelligent contract utility and managed service.


          He spent 10 years advising on emerging technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence, blockchain, smart contracts, and robotics process automation) for enterprise regulatory and digital programs as well as product development. 

           “Charles is a well-known financial services trailblazer with a proven track record of execution,” says JDX’s new CFO, Mark Williams.

          Lucy Dorr, head of JDX’s global Consulting Services, says, “JDX is becoming a differentiator in the marketplace, and I am very excited that Charles is joining at such a critical juncture in our transformation as we continuously enhance our in-house talent with industry leaders.”

          Charles is a frequent speaker, moderator, and author for a host of financial services industry forums and publications[1] and recently co-founded and launched the Risk Management Association’s “Financial Technology and Automation Committee”.  He will be speaking at ISDA’s Technology Forum in London on November 6th, and ISDA’s Technology Forum in New York on November 20th.

          He will be based in JDX’s New York office and report to Lucy Dorr, head of JDX’s global Consulting Services, and Gil Koenigsberg, U.S. CEO.

          Charles lives in New York with his wife and 2-year-old twin boys.

          [1] RMA’s “The Promise of Smart Contracts”

          ISDA’s Guidelines for building Smart Derivatives Contracts

          Financial Times’ Business Innovation Awards 2019

          Ai4 Finance’s “Preparing Your Organization for AI”

          In House Focus’ The Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Fintech”

          SIFMA’s Fintech Conference- Smart Contracts

          SIFMA’s Boston Regional “ Big Data- The Challenges and Opportunities”

          PLI’s The  Artificial Intelligence and the Law as well as Blockchain 2.0. 2019,

          DerivCon’s “Going Automatic”

          RMA’s 3rd Annual Future of Securities Markets- Technology

          RMA’ 36th Annual Securities Finance and Collateral Management Conference

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