JDX Charity of the Year Announcement: The Passage

          May 8, 2019

          Wednesday 8th May 2019, London.
          Each year JDX surveys its people to select a charity for the year and this year JDXers decided to support ‘The Passage’.

          The Passage runs London’s largest voluntary sector resource centre for homeless and vulnerable people, helping up to 200 men and women each day. They have a team of eight-strong Outreach Workers who make contact, often late at night or early in the morning, with those sleeping rough in Victoria.

          Passage House is a 40-bed hostel, officially opened on 1 March 2000. In the financial year 2015-2016, 67 rough sleepers moved off the streets into Passage House. The Passage also fund 16 self-contained studio flats in Montfort House with staff support on site that specialise in helping very long-term rough sleepers.

          The Passage targets issues and funds homelessness prevention projects, outreach, hospitality, assessment and advice, health, primary services (catering/cleaning throughout the organisation), employment, training and welfare rights, Passage & Montfort House (accommodation), faith and community-based projects and chaplaincy.

          The annual costs to keep The Passage going is £4 million, of which only 33% of funding comes from statutory sources and the rest comes from donations.
          JDX plans to support The Passage throughout the upcoming year by raising funds through a contactless charity box, traditional methods such as charity events/socials/fundraisers, as well as through the JDXPlus benefits program whereby JDXers can give as they earn.
          To learn more about The Passage visit their website at https://bit.ly/ThePassageOrg. If you wish to contribute, please visit https://bit.ly/ThePassageDonate.

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