Turning to contract analytics and advanced data extraction to drive cognitive mortgage processing

JDX Consulting Services

JDX accelerates the process of connecting our customers with the mortgage information that they need to perform cognitive processing. Data transformation requires automated orchestration of many logical processes.

Assessment Strategy

  •  We will assess digitisation and data extraction opportunities in the loan approval process.
  • Evaluate your existing capabilities.
  • Undertake scoping, strategy and design.

Prepare, read

  • Identify and catalogue mortgage-related source document population for ingestion.
  • Create table structures; identify formatting; deficiencies, and plan pre-processing document transformation pathways.


  • OCR & AI technologies are used as “building blocks” to read, understand and compare mortgage data.
  • Data logic engine cleanses unstructured content, whilst improving interactively.

calibrate, format

  • Data is normalised through a quality control process, and exceptions are processed for review.
  • Data output is calibrated and formatted for straight-through processing and consumption in downstream systems.


  • Cleansed, enriched, and standardised data can be analysed, enabling automated decision making.
    The outcome of which can be an acceleration of automation levels and efficiencies in the mortgage underwriting process.

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