Summer Event Success

Our JDXers returned to the office today aching but refreshed after a fantastic weekend well spent at our summer event in London! This year, in true JDX style, our JDXers participated in a mass sports day.

The day gave the opportunity to hundreds of consultants from all over the city to reunite with our Head Office based staff for a day of team building. JDXers who had never met were able to get to know one another and work together throughout the day. The day was all about inclusivity, teamwork, resilience and competition.

Sport has always been a major part of JDX for one simple reason – we believe that it is a major input into the JDX skillset. This comes in a number of ways; through demonstrating an ability to be committed, to compete, to communicate and to work as a team. Our ability to work well together alongside our ‘can do’ attitude is the reason why JDX has been so successful in becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the UK.

Well done to all the teams, we hope you had fun!


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