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Financial Market infrastructure

The financial industry is dramatically changing. A decade of post-crisis regulation has significantly increased the cost and complexity of non-revenue generating activity within Financial Services. Firms are also recognising the “power of the network”. As interconnectedness continues to grow, the industry is desperate to understand the ecosystem as a whole.

JDX act as an independent, discreet and objective partner to undertake market analysis, develop industry consensus, and deliver projects to land critical and transformational solutions for the benefit of both service provider and end user. As one of the top financial market infrastructure companies, we combine deep industry expertise, lessons from the past and our unique network to help innovate, disrupt and influence the industry.  Our team of specialists have decades of practical experience in delivering market-wide transformational change within and across the financial market infrastructure ecosystem.

Our market infrastructure solutions are aimed at supporting our clients with:

  • Market / peer insights
    • Actively monitor changes within the marketplace, actively developing strategic partnerships.
    • Peer analysis and benchmarking to provide informed perspective.
  • Framing
    • Deep & broad market expertise allows us to join disparate components and objectives into a single meaningful vision and direction.
    • Customised to business needs and balanced between business, operations, technology, and overall implementation constraints.
  • Alignment
    • We focus on collaborative design techniques to ensure we are mindful of the diverse views of key stakeholders and the importance of eliciting support to assure successful adoption.
  • Decision-making
    • Stewardship through complex decision making and approval processes and the creation of effective documentation for a variety of forums and formats.
    • A scenario-based outcome enables the business owners to make decisions with consideration for best and worst probabilities.
  • Execution
    • We believe in developing executable strategy.
    • Our business model centres on our ability to transition with our clients into execution and as such are incentivised ourselves to ensure that the strategy is achievable.


We are experience led:

“They understand my business and add value from day 1”

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