Client lifecycle management (CLM)

What is client lifecycle management (CLM)?

CLM is the management of the client relationship within a given organisation, from inception when a client is still a prospect, continuing through initial onboarding, client maintenance and monitoring, changes in status, legal and regulatory compliance, ultimately through to offboarding.

A client lifecycle management model is often cross-functional and can address everything from compliance, regulatory obligations (e.g. AML/KYC, Tax, Non-AML) and data privacy. It can help identify risky clients, allowing for early mitigation of problems. An optimised client lifecycle management process can strengthen a firm’s competitive stance through effective management of risk versus profitability.

Transforming your end-to-end client journey

JDX can help transform our customers end-to-end client journey, from initial onboarding, maintenance of lifecycle events, to offboarding. Our client lifecycle management solutions are targeted at a broad spectrum of use-cases, from regulatory compliance to know-your-customer and anti-money laundering, across the entirety of the client lifecycle. Using an integrated approach, that combines our advisory, change and operate competencies, we can:

• Undertake a process improvement programme to re-engineer and standardise the client lifecycle, laying the foundation for the design of an optimised future state operating model that ensures sustained compliance with regulations.

• Simultaneously undertake remediation, project and program delivery services to address imminent enterprise-wide regulatory deadlines, operations challenges, and driving improvement initiatives.

We can advise on ways to differentiate the client onboarding journey for your business, positioning you for competitive advantage. We target efficiency in the creation and reuse of client and regulatory data, driving your business towards a more optimised process journey and improving your maturity of digitisation or automation.

Our client lifecycle management target:

Enterprisewide regulatory compliance

Data led decision making

Quality, risk and control

Customer and internal organisational transparency

Faster time to revenue

Commercial and industry insights


“The project was of a large scale and operationally complex, with multiple stages and processes. JDX were able to work effectively with a significant number of business-lines and client-based stakeholders. JDX were able to track each client’s progress through completion whilst providing weekly status and progress updates.

Given the high number of customers involved, this insight was critical to the projects success and our ability to deliver on our agreed objectives. JDX were highly professional and flexible and could adapt and deliver against very challenging circumstances during 2019 and 2020.

JDX were incredibly committed and shared an interest in our success. They recommended various process improvements and provided valuable insight and feedback which helped us improve the overall client on-boarding and engagement experience.”

How our solutions drive tangible value

Analyse and design

Operating model

We can design and implement a future state operating model for the client lifecycle, defining a clear vision and measurable roadmap to achieve the desired outcome.

Our approach is to look holistically across the enterprise, rather than on individual aspects, including client experience, processes, organisation, technology and data management, across client segments and different products and services. We will assist in the identification of technology solutions and deliver support in the analysis, design and delivery of functional and technical transformation, including:

• Support in the selection and implementation of a full toolset from workflow through data aggregation and screening.
• Performing industry benchmarking and peer relativity analysis for our clients, leveraging our broad experience in client lifecycle in financial services organisations.
• Increasing transparency of the client onboarding journey, supporting client interactions and encouraging service management conversations around cost-to-serve.

Improved quality assurance scores

50% automated

% of manual controls reduced compared to automated

Improved quality assurance scores

Near-miss events reduced

Policy errors reduced to near zero

Transform and change

Business architecture and process improvement

We can undertake an incremental process improvement programme to simplify and standardise manual, legacy and third-party processes in the client lifecycle.

We ensure that our clients get the most from their operational processes and infrastructure, laying a foundation for the design of an optimised future state operating model.

We simplify, consolidate, eliminate redundancy, and identify opportunities for automation, utilising a combination of core competencies:

•Efficiency/performance/continuous improvement analysis and assessment.
•JDX Business process transformation: tactical process improvements, across the lenses of operational excellence, process, data integration and technology.
•Intelligent automation approaches to data mine and iteratively review and improve processes.
•Data management: data analysis, quality, state management and analytics to accelerate data-led decision making.

People efficiency gain

40 onshore FTE

Leading to FTE redistribution as a result of automation

Process simplification

17 to 5

Removal of handoffs (manual touchpoints)

Run and manage

Operating Model

JDX has a track record of successfully supporting our clients with complex operational challenges, against a backdrop of regulatory change.

JDX can simultaneously undertake remediation services to address imminent enterprise-wide regulatory deadlines, operations challenges, and drive improvement initiatives.

Our competencies cross dimensions such as location, backlogs, control breaches and regulatory compliance. They are targeted towards domains such as know-your-customer due diligence and broader non-anti-money laundering reporting regulations. We also work with our customers to undertake program delivery to support end-to-end client lifecycle projects, including the deployment of experienced project and change resources to support implementation of initiatives across the front to back lifecycle.

Process simplication

17 to 5

Removal of handoffs

Quality improvements

~94% – 99%

Customer satisfaction

Customer touchpoints reduced by 70%

Net promotor scores improved, effort decreased, self-serve increased, customer outreach touch points optimised

Process simplification


Removal of waste (non value add) steps

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