PLI’s Artificial Intelligence Law 2021

On Monday 25 January, the Practising Law Institute (PLI)‘s Artificial Intelligence Law 2021 program will explore the technology behind AI and the legal issues it presents. A panel of experts will examine, via live webcast, the basics of AI law, legislation and public policy challenges, use of AI by governments, potential bias in the use of AI, and how the legal industry is leveraging AI. As a case study, they will explore the role AI has played and will continue to play in the fight against COVID-19.

JDX’s head of document intelligence and legal lifecycle solutions, Charles Post, will join PLI’s panel of experts to provide an Artificial Intelligence 101, discussing specific versus general AI, best practices for selecting an AI vendor and the opportunities and challenges that AI presents.

JDX’s document intelligence and legal lifecycle solutions bridge the specialised gap between business, legal and technology. By leveraging our industry practitioners’ unique perspective and our proprietary data extraction models, JDX’s enterprise-wide intelligent legal document solutions automate complex document processing tasks. For more information, please contact Charles Post or Peter Lipton.

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