Our Partners


Xceptor is a no-code enterprise data ingestion, data transformation and process digitisation platform that enables clients to overhaul and optimise processes.

The rules & AI-enabled platform is configured by non-technical users to ingest data in any format, from any source to create structured data and deliver end-to-end automation of complex processes, workflow & reporting.

JDX partners with Xceptor to complement our deep domain & practitioner expertise across financial services, with Xceptor’s award winning platform. In support of this domain focus, JDX and Xceptor have tailored use cases and solutions that address enterprise-wide challenges head on, to deliver value & business outcomes.

JDX partners with Xceptor to:
– Automate manual processing of standard settlement instructions.
– Automate trade allocation processes.
– Address client operating performance targets.
– Remove & replace end user developed applications.