Our Partners

Seal | A DocuSign Company

Seal addresses critical gaps in today’s corporate contracting environment and opens the path to new strategic and transformative opportunities for the use of contract information.

The Seal AI-powered platform adds intelligence, automation and visualisation capabilities that augment and enhance the management and utilisation of contracts. Designed specifically for enterprises, the Seal Cloud Services platform is SOC 2 Type II compliant and utilizes Google Cloud services to provide support for both massive enterprise-wide deployments and point-projects like M&A due diligence or post-transaction integration.

We are partnering to offer differentiating enterprise-wide legal document solutions, aligned to the mission-critical needs of our clients. By integrating Seal’s “best of breed” contract analytics platform and artificial intelligence (AI) tools into our digital process for document analytics, automation and digitisation, we can accelerate the processing and management of legal documents.