Post Trade Services

        What We Do For You

        Capability. Augment. Execute. Enhance.

        JDX provides flexible resource solutions to strengthen operational capacity and enhance the Post Trade Process.

        JDX can help bolster operational capacity throughout the end-to-end transaction lifecycle from trade support through to transaction reporting and collateral management.

        JDX supports our clients in managing skill shortages and in tackling large scale remediation programmes. 

        Our people have extensive industry knowledge and hands-on experience of a wide range of transaction management disciplines and strategies, so are well placed to support our clients in improving their operational efficiency throughout the transaction lifecycle.


        JDX can supply skilled resource in the following areas of Post Trade Services:

        • Trade Management
        • Trade Controls
        • Collateral Management
        • Trade Processing
        • Operational Controls
        • Transaction Reporting
        • Reconciliation and Resolution
        • Testing and Assurance
        • Data analysis and clean up
        • Backlogs
        • Backloading

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