Let’s Talk About It | Black Lives Matter

Last night, JDX’s Diversity in Business Committee hosted the first of its ‘Let’s Talk About It’ events. More than 100 JDXers came together from across the world to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement.

As a firm, we do not want to jump onto bandwagons, or pay lip-service to the issue of the moment. We have taken time to start the education process, to listen and learn.

Our discussions – frank, honest and emotional – brought home what many of us know already: just how much more there is to be done to improve the opportunities for our black employees and the diversity of our workforce. We know there are no easy fixes.

Many of the diversity issues in the financial services industry are deep-rooted and systematic and that has an inevitable impact on organisations like ours. But that does not mean we shrug our shoulders and move on.

And at JDX, we are not moving on: we have begun an ongoing process to which we are wholeheartedly committed to and which is led by the top. Over the past few weeks, our President and ExCo have been gathering feedback and learning from our past and current black employees about what JDX can do to action meaningful change.

It was an emotional evening with difficult conversations and open discussion and we were overwhelmed by the response. Action points have been written up and shared alongside key materials today, and we will be gathering again this evening over a drink to celebrate Juneteenth and continue our conversations.

Importantly, our JDXers are worried that as life returns to normal, people will once again be distracted by everyday life. We are determined that we cannot let the Black Lives Matter movement lose momentum. As an organisation, we are committed to being transparent with our goals and plans, and we’ll work to make the necessary changes to lead the way. We will provide further updates as we progress through this journey, and we very much look forward to sharing our improvements.

As ever, we want to say a huge thank you to our JDXers for their honesty and openness: last night showed just how much we value diversity and equality – and it was the first step in proving that together, we can make a change.