JDX’s CEO, Seamus Smith, reflects on the importance of Black History Month

As JDXers came together to celebrate Black History Month 2020, Seamus commented:

“I have joined JDX during a period of change and growth. We have already made great steps towards securing a brighter future for our black employees, and we are constantly finding ways to improve the Diversity and Inclusion of our Firm.

Black History Month provides an important opportunity for us to recognise and celebrate Black history, culture, and heritage both in the past and present. We want to take this opportunity to explore what more we should do to embrace, support and welcome Black culture in our workplaces and beyond. I am delighted to be moderating the first in JDX’s ‘The Future is Bright’ panel event series which will tackle the inherent issues with institutionalised racism and inclusivity in the workplace, and uncover new ways to embrace our true identities.

Thank you to those of you who are leading initiatives over this next month, I look forward to a long-overdue celebration of Black history, and to exploring future possibilities.

We are committed to change, and, as ever, will remain transparent throughout our journey.” – Seamus Smith, CEO JDX

JDX is proud to be celebrating Black History Month 2020, and will take the opportunity to discover, explore and celebrate black culture, history and heritage, and to make further improvements as a Firm.

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