JDX Technology Consultancy: Bridging the Data Skills Gap


Since 2012, JDX has experienced rapid growth as a provider of flexible resourcing solutions to financial services companies, market intermediaries and FinTech companies. With a compound annual growth rate of 47% over the last 3 years we now have 700 staff in 6 locations globally…

From this strong base and with a breadth of experience in supporting our clients with challenges related to regulatory change, we have established that we are increasingly being asked to help manage the ever-accelerating volume and complexity of data. To address this, JDX through its Technology Consultancy business is launching a ‘Data & Information’ service that helps our clients bridge the digital skills gap with our in-house trained data analysts.

All organisations analyse and interpret data to improve performance, and over the last decade particularly, there has been a lot of excitement and buzz about the adoption of advanced analytics techniques and data science. That said, usage of sophisticated techniques remains limited to highly qualified specialists that are in high demand and short supply. Most people undertaking analytical work are using spreadsheets and, whilst spreadsheets offer great flexibility and require little technical knowledge, analysts are frustrated with their inefficiency and want to find a better solution. They want to automate established processes but find it difficult to create the space to do so and be sure of the return on investment. They are trying to work with datasets that are hundreds of thousands of rows and Excel is failing them in this task.

Given this, JDX’s operations analysts are trained in in-demand technical skills so that we are better placed to support our clients. Our proprietary technical training means that our analysts deliver more value sooner than completely fresh graduates straight out of university. JDX junior technology consultants start with data preparation tools such as Alteryx and Xceptor to demonstrate their client and results focus. Our promise is that they know the basics well and deliver quickly. You don’t need to spend time explaining what a database is and how to use JIRA. Next, they then go on to use open source technologies such as R, SQL, Spark and Python, with which they develop solutions that they can then hand back to a given business.

Clients want to take advantage of the latest technologies and JDX can supply the people to operate them successfully. In addition, we recognise that technical competency is just one skill that is expected of junior analysts today. We provide rounded consultants who have project management, communication and problems solving skills. Most importantly, clients tell us that the reason they keep hiring JDXers is that they enjoy working with us and that we fit in and work well with established teams.

An example request that we receive is for “two data engineers for two months to create an automated pipeline to extract and clean data” from a given source so that it is easier for data scientists to consume. Clients want to run a proof of concept over the course of several weeks to demonstrate the potential value creation of a given initiative to justify further investment. We have reorganised to meet this requirement, providing technology consultants with specialist skills that complement a company’s domain specific expertise.

Please do reach out to us to find out more about our Data & Information service.


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