JDX releases Gender Pay Gap Report 2020-21

Gender pay gap and transparency at JDX

The Gender Pay Gap shows the difference in the average hourly rates of pay between men and women in the workplace, regardless of their role, length of service, seniority, or any other differentiating factors. It considers Gross Ordinary Pay and Bonus Pay paid in the relevant pay period and must be reported by the snapshot date.

Though strongly encouraged, there is no legal obligation to provide a narrative or action plan. However, in acknowledgment of our genuine commitment in addressing pay gaps within JDX, we have chosen to provide a narrative on both the pay gap and associated action plans.

In 2020/21 more than a million employers, including JDX, furloughed employees on the CJRS. As per pandemic guidelines, these employees have been excluded from pay gap calculations and included in bonus gap calculations and the relevant employee count. All of our pay gaps are calculated using Gender Pay Gap statutory methodology as explained in our full report.