JDX launches Sustainable Finance training programme

As part of JDX’s commitment to further improve our employees’ understanding of ESG within the firm, JDX’s Sustainable Finance Team have launched a new training programme for all JDXers.The sessions based on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) have been added to JDX’s core training platform.

These new modules will help JDXers to understand the importance of ESG and SRI and the different ways they are being implemented in today’s market. As the focus on ESG within the financial industry grows, pressure from both shifting regulation and greater investor demand for low emission strategies means that our clients are seeking to implement stronger ESG strategies.

JDX is in a unique position to drive and engage in these discussions. We want our JDXers to be well-informed about the growing risks and have a deeper understanding of how our clients may mitigate them. For more information about our capabilities in Sustainable Finance, reach out to Rebecca Eve Sparrow.