JDX Establishes a Go Green Society


Breaking the Plastic Habit is a programme which aims to eliminate single-use plastics from stores and businesses at Canary Wharf via new technology,

education and better recycling facilities. The initiative includes building water refill stations, a deposit return scheme, a recycling reward app HELPFUL and other campaigns to reduce waste.

At a recent breakfast briefing discussing the programme, Fiona Ball, Sky’s Group Head of Inspirational Business & Sky Ocean Rescue shared the story of how since 2017, Sky has been targeting plastic pollution. They aim to eliminate all single-use plastics by 2020. Despite complex issues that have arisen during the campaign, they managed to change the attitude of employees, whilst educating millions of people through their broadcasting channels. Sky has removed single-use plastic water bottles and coffee cups from their premises, providing every employee with a refillable bottle. Sky estimates it is saving approximately 450,000 plastic bottles a year. Although many believe it is costly to implement a green programme, Sky has found that some of the solutions adopted proved to be cheaper than expected and paid off in just 3 months.
Inspired by Breaking the Plastic Habit, JDX Consulting established a Go Green society to monitor Waste Management, ensure Sustainable Procurement and to increase involvement in environmental charitable activities.

JDX is also looking to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and take measures for energy efficiency, in compliance with new reporting framework set out by the British government. Planned activities include educating staff on effective recycling and transitioning to circular solutions. As part of the effort, a Zero Waste week has already taken place at JDX with volunteers who attempted to reduce their single use plastic waste for a week. Participants were rewarded with reusable bamboo cups to continue the initiative.

JDX Consulting is determined to create a community focused on making educated choices to adopt healthier, sustainable habits. We acknowledge that the resources of the planet are finite, hence changes in corporate behaviour and educating staff on the topic of sustainability is crucial in mitigating the effects of climate change.

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.” -Edmund Burke
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