JDX Diversity in Business Society Host Sign Language Workshop

Last week, the JDX Diversity committee hosted a sign language workshop with @DOT Sign Language. The session provided an introduction to fingerspelling and British sign language skills and helped to raise awareness of deafness. In the UK alone, there are 900,000 people with severe/profound deafness. This number is closer to 11 million if we include age-related hearing loss. Dot Sign Language’s goal is for every school, college, supermarket, doctor, dentist and any customer-facing business to have a ‘go to’ person with BSL skills.

It is important to consider the different ways in which the global pandemic is affecting those around us; mask wearing, for example, is becoming the ‘norm’, and in itself prohibits the ability to lip read – a communication tool that many deaf people rely on. Taking the time to learn basic sign language skills might just make a real difference to someone who needs it. Now is a great time for Firms to take steps to educate their workforce and to help with the work that Dot sign language are doing across the UK. Thank you to Natalie Miranda Reis, Christie Brown, Kaltrina Stavileci, and Kabilan Jeyakumar for orchestrating the event, and thank you to Dot Sign Language for hosting such an informative and engaging workshop.

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