JDX Delivers First Ever Learning Festival

The beginning of July announced the arrival of our inaugural ‘Learning Festival.’ This brought together our staff from across the UK, challenging them to try something new,

meet new people, learn new skills and- most importantly- have fun!* Each day provided a mixture of ‘soft-skills’ technical skills and creative activities.

In an underground nightclub, decked out with JDX festival branding, our Learning and Development Team welcomed around 40 JDXers through the door each day. Energy levels were high as attendees took part in Les Dennis acting classes, created their own rendition of Sweet Home Alabama, were taught the basics of coding, released their inner David Guetta and learned how to stunt fight. These are to name but a few of the sessions that were available over the festival’s four-day duration.

At JDX, we place a lot of emphasis on the importance of learning and personal growth and bringing energy and vibrancy to the workplace. It was fantastic to see our JDXers fully embracing the wide-ranging activities on offer and doing so with such positivity and excitement. Our groups mixed Associate Consultants with Managing Directors, which gave everyone a great opportunity to speak and network- 96% of attendees saying they met new people from across the business.

As the name of the event suggests, the focal point of the festival was to promote learning, staff engagement and adaptability, to benefit our JDXers as individuals, our organization as a whole and our clients. 94% of JDXers would recommend.

*98% of JDXers had fun!


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