JDX Celebrates International Week of Happiness at Work

As firms continue to adapt to new ways of working, we also need to adjust to new ways of maintaining company culture. Improved, regular communication and virtual events go some way towards employee happiness, but firms need to go above and beyond to keep morale, relationships, and spirits high.

Last week marked ‘International Week of Happiness at Work’. Our Wellness Committee hosted a week-long programme aimed at making our employees as happy as possible. Throughout the week, the committee shared insights, reading materials, organised competitions, workshops, and shared fond memories from the past 8 years at JDX. Seeing videos of our JDXers laughing, singing, and dancing in our offices provided a reminder of just how special our company culture is – the boost in morale is palpable.

The new way of working does not mean that we should forget how much fun our offices were. We are proud of our culture, and we are extremely proud of how committed our workforce has been to make the ‘new normal’ as ‘normal’ as possible. We are confident that we can keep our culture alive in these ever-changing times, and we will continue to invest in the happiness of our staff and adapt as a global workforce.

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