JDX attends Futures Industry Association International Derivatives Expo

JDX’s Head of Market Infrastructure, Mark Croxon and Head of Strategic Clients, George Xenoudakis, were delighted to attend the first day of the Futures Industry Association International Derivatives Expo yesterday. After more than a year of virtual events, the FIA provided the first opportunity for the futures industry to get together for nearly two years.

Mark and George were joined by Global Client Partner Jessica Hopkirk-Jaramillo, and one of our newest recruits Charlotte Booth.

Reflecting on the day’s agenda, Mark Croxon said: “We were particularly keen to hear from today’s panellists about the need for the creation of common reference data, protocols and workflows. What is clear from today’s discussions is that there is a real willingness for all market participants to solve the problems caused by a lack of standardisation. What the industry now needs is an independent consultant to help gain consensus on an approach and create momentum towards a solution.”

Our teams are in attendance again today, reach out to Mark, George, or Jess if you would like to explore further discussions.

How can we help?

For more information about how JDX can help, or to continue these conversations, please contact Mark Croxon or George Xenoudakis.