JDX Ambassador, Mark Huxley, elected Junior Warden

Kevin Osborn, CEO JDX Insurance

Aside from their insurance expertise, our JDX Inserve ambassadors contribute widely and proactively in the market. Mark Huxley of Cognitive Risk is no exception. Cognitive is the latest in a large number of businesses and enterprises that Mark has founded.

As such, I believe it is only fair to say that he is the epitome of a serial entrepreneur. His contribution to business and innovation was recognised a few years ago when he was invited to become a Freeman of what was then the Guild of Entrepreneurs.

In the City of London vernacular, a Guild is one part of its historic and hugely influential livery movement. Spend any time around the City and you will hear about a Worshipful Company or a Company or a Guild of a particular trade or profession. Some of these organisations date back to the 12th century and are today pivotal to the running of the City of London and its governance of Common Councillors, Aldermen, Sheriffs through to its Lord Mayor. With nearly a thousand years of history there are still only 110 Livery Companies and a small handful of Guilds.

The Guild of Entrepreneurs is one of its youngest, having been founded in 2014. Recognising how quickly it has added to the fabric of the City, it was granted permission by the Court of Alderman to progress to become what is known as a Company Without Livery, the midpoint step to it hopefully gaining full livery status in four years’ time.

Mark has been a Freeman or member in normal parlance since 2017 and he himself had the honour of being elected its Junior Warden this year.  This means that he is en route to hopefully becoming its Master Entrepreneur in 2023. As an organisation the Entrepreneurs are hugely active and as the City emerges from the Covid pandemic it will play a pivotal role in helping what will be a much changed commercial landscape recover and thrive.

Congratulations therefore to Mark and to the Company of Entrepreneurs for their recognition. If anyone reading this would like to learn more I am sure Mark would be delighted to speak to you.

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