JDX 20 Day Fitness Challenge

Today marks the start of JDX’s global 20 Day Fitness Challenge!

Having started the year in the UK with further restrictions, our wellbeing society once again decided to take action to keep spirits and energy high. Every working day for the next 4 weeks, hundreds of JDXers will tackle 20-30 minute workouts, competing for the chance to win a mystery prize.

We recognise how difficult it can be to find the time to switch off when working from home, but it is crucial that we all take measures to nurture our physical and mental wellbeing. The 20 Day Fitness Challenge will include workouts before, during and after working hours so that as many JDXers can take part as possible.

Thank you to Georgia-Leonora Allen, Tom Austin, Nikki Twine, Daniela Ramirez Luna and Arlinda Ismaili for hosting the challenge, and best of luck to all those taking part!

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