International Men’s Day 2020

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Every year, International Men’s Day provides an opportunity to celebrate the contributions that boys and men make to society, and to tackle important themes and confront stigmas. This year’s theme for International Men’s Day is ‘better health for men and boys.’

JDX’s Gender and Ethnicity Diversity Lead Shonah Bering interviewed a range of JDX’s male employees to find out more about their perceptions of ‘manhood’ and mental health. Too often, as is seen in the video below, a successful ‘man’ has been judged by an amalgamation of physical strength and financial success. Over time, this has created a warped perception of how men should behave. Societal expectations and traditional gender roles are among many factors that have discouraged men from discussing or seeking help for mental health problems. The insights from Shonah’s interviews are hugely important to unveiling the common themes felt amongst young men today. As employers, we must create open and safe environments for our staff to seek help. We must actively encourage conversations, and let our people know that they are not alone in their struggles. Today is an important day to reflect on the health of men and boys, and what we can do to change some of these statistics.

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