Specialist consultants in insurance operations and technology


        JDX Insurance was established to deliver consulting and operational services within the insurance market. Formed in 2015, JDX Insurance has continued to grow in expertise and scale, and our live insurance projects currently span across large global insurers, Lloyd’s Managing Agents, syndicates and insurance technology service providers.

        We specialise in designing and implementing end-to-end solutions covering operations, data analysis, data processing, regulatory response and change.


        JDX has an established a project management and quality control function that utilises a proven delivery tool kit and training. We train our Consultants in Change Management and Agile courses, ensuring projects are delivered to the standards expected on our clients and within the agreed criteria, timescale and budget.
        Underwriting functions often find themselves overstretched and require underwriting support services; from realistic disaster scenario (RDS) testing through to compliance reviews.
        For regulatory purposes and effective decision-making, companies writing policies need to ensure that all details associated with the risks they cover are captured accurately and in a timely manner.
        Our clients are challenged with adhering to several large and potentially burdensome regulations, and must consider an approach that ensures compliance in the face of increased regulatory scrutiny.
        With an increasing number of delegated authority (DA) arrangements and the importance placed on this premium income stream, companies need support to ensure these are fit for purpose and meet regulatory requirements.
        Digital technology is expected to transform the market within the next five years, challenging insurers to evolve their client communication strategies and operational models to remain competitive.

        OUR PEOPLE

        To enable our consultants to develop their insurance knowledge and enhance their technical and professional competence, our consultants are members of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), and are enrolled on LM1 (London market insurance essentials), LM2 (London market insurance principles and practices) and LM3 (London market underwriting principles) qualifications.

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