How will insurers brace the digital journey post COVID-19?

Now more than ever, digitisation is crucial for the insurance industry. The way in which we work will continue to change for some time, and Firms need to be able to keep up with changes in technology. The impact of COVID’19 has forced many Firms to embrace and adapt to new technologies to maintain communication.

What else have Firms learnt during the past few months? We asked our CEO Insurance, Kevin Osborn, how do you see insurers bracing the digital journey post COVID’19?

“That’s a very interesting question, and I think COVID has not only posed questions, but answered questions around technology and how the market can utilize it.

The introduction of more use of teams, Skype, Bluejeans for meetings, bringing teams together has been very positive, and I think will have a big impact on how people work going forward.

There will definitely be a change. I think the better use of products in the Robotics-AI Areas has also assisted in how people have handled what’s happened during the COVID lockdown, and going forward, people now embrace that more widely.

I think importantly, a lot of the traditional systems, particularly if we take the area of Bordereaux management; John Neal is addressing some of the issues that have been left from the selection process and the connectivity issues. Organisations like VIPR– the market leading product with a large percentage of the market utilizing their systems – now know that the connectivity is going to be available for those clients to safeguard the investment that they’ve used and become part of a wider insurance market where the information and data is consistent. So if we look at each of those, I’m very confident that the new technologies will be enhanced, that the existing technologies will be well used, and organisations like JDX that provide academies behind these companies will be able to provide the additional resource capability or extended resource capability that the market is going to need. So I’m very confident.”

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