WEBINAR: How to stay ahead of the race to replace LIBOR, a practical perspective from JDX’s Charles Post and Katie Morgan

Duration: 40 minutes

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This webinar took place on June 8 2020. To view the video on demand, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will provide you with a link. 

LIBOR was once dubbed the “world’s most important number” – it affects trillions of dollars’ worth of financial contracts that reference it, with maturities past 2021, which need to be reviewed, repapered, redrafted or renegotiated. With IBOR genetically coded in the DNA of firms infrastructure, technology, products and services, transitioning away from the reference rate is likely to be one of the most transformative programmes that many firms have undertaken.

Charles and Katie answer the key questions on the approach firms need to take to minimise their risk exposure holistically, protect client value and to ensure stability throughout the transition, ultimately staying ahead of the challenge. They will cover:

  • Identifying the critical challenges to IBOR transition, including impacts to the Buy-side
  • How document analytics, digital automation and contract lifecycle management, can be used to develop an enterprise-wide legal document solution
  • Deploying these solutions to accelerate the processes needed to address IBOR transitions most significant challenges, such as: identifying all references within an organisation, determining the total downstream impact and facilitating the creation of actionable, decision-ready, IBOR data
  • Exploring the technology, tools and standards that underpin the solutions
  • How to pivot tactical projects into an enterprise-wide strategy and things to consider in building a solid business case
  • Exploring similar, regulatory transformation use-cases

Don’t miss out on these valuable and practical insights, join Charles and Katie at the Digital Workplace UK Virtual Summit 2020 on 8 June @ 2 pm BST 


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