Technology Consulting


        We provide cost-effective technology consultancy, working with our clients in the design, build, deployment and support of technology solutions and digital innovation.

        Our Core Services

        Data and Information – strategy, operations, extract/transform/load, visualisation analytics and artificial intelligence/machine learning.

        Technology Delivery – technology strategy, architecture, project delivery, package implementation and testing. We also have a number of technology partners to compliment our delivery service, such as Xceptor/Alteryx.

        Emerging Technology – guidance and implementation of blockchain/distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence / machine learning and cloud technologies. 

        Engagements can range in duration from short tenor and tactical focused engagements, through to longer term strategic software build, testing and implementation projects.

        Our People

        Career Technology Specialists – technologists with years of practical experience in designing, implementing and operating industry critical platforms.

        Graduates – dynamic technologists new to the industry, developed through the JDX Academy and providing support to our specialists.

        Our team have a breadth and depth of experience and knowledge in providing strategic technology consultancy services working with financial services organisations across multiple technology sectors.

        We have practical knowledge of implementing low code solutions to simplify and automate complex and cumbersome processes within business flows.

        Making the difference

        JDX Establishes a Go Green Society


        Breaking the Plastic Habit is a programme which aims to eliminate single-use plastics from stores and businesses at Canary Wharf via new technology,

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        JDX to support British Schoolgirls Skiing Races 2020

        The British Schoolgirl Races, which are organised by the Ladies Ski Club, first took place on the slopes of Gstaad in 1959, moving to Villars in 1976. 

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        Why Letting Data Go Matters to Customers and Companies


        We hear a lot of talk about how, why and when organisations collect data from individuals.

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