Market Infrastructure Consulting

        Overview - Analysis, Innovation, Delivery

        With strong growth in the use of market infrastructure, FinTech and with regulatory scrutiny on enhancing its resiliency, we use our niche industry expertise and network to help prominent providers and participants develop solutions. We undertake market analysis, develop industry consensus and deliver projects to land critical and transformational solutions. 

        Our Core Services

        Research – we leverage our extensive industry network to gain market insight, gather valuable perspectives, study lessons-learned, perform analysis and to establish facts that enable informed decision making to drive market-wide transformation and innovation.

        Facilitation – we provide experienced, independent facilitation, both within organisations and on behalf of the industry. We gather views on issues and facilitate workshops, bringing fresh perspectives that help to develop consensus, establish direction and achieve executable strategies for market-wide transformational change.

        Leadership – we provide neutral, independent industry expertise & leadership for market-wide transformational change.

        Our People

        Expertise-led practice – our team of specialists have practical experience in delivering market-wide transformational change within and across financial markets.


        Making the difference

        JDX Establishes a Go Green Society


        Breaking the Plastic Habit is a programme which aims to eliminate single-use plastics from stores and businesses at Canary Wharf via new technology,

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        JDX to support British Schoolgirls Skiing Races 2020

        The British Schoolgirl Races, which are organised by the Ladies Ski Club, first took place on the slopes of Gstaad in 1959, moving to Villars in 1976. 

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        Why Letting Data Go Matters to Customers and Companies


        We hear a lot of talk about how, why and when organisations collect data from individuals.

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