Transform and operate

Transform and operate

Operate and optimise

Our business operations consultants provide remediation services and operations delivery support, targeting pinch points that are time-consuming, costly or unreliable, identify underlying root causes and definition actions to resolve.

If you need a reliable operations management consultant, our operate and optimise competency is the core foundation service on which JDX has been built. We target the rapid deployment of additional resources to support our clients with challenges related to capacity and skill shortages, resulting from regulatory change, market-driven events, organisational change and control/remediation activity.

Remediation services

  • Remediation consultants to address and recover from unforeseen business issues.
  • Root cause identification to minimise and mitigate issues.
  • Build and restore customer confidence through timely and complete remediation.
  • Establish environment of enhanced governance and controls to prevent any ongoing issue identification and management.

Operations delivery support and Hosted solutions

  • Cost effective, hosted, near shore services.
  • Support repeatable and at scale BAU processes with an intrinsic focus on minimising delivery risk and optimising quality and timeliness of output.
  • Concept of outcome-based pricing models and pay per use structures provide greater predictability and financial planning.

Training services

Tailored pre-deployment training and skills development to ensure day 1 readiness and efficiency.

Project and Programme Delivery

JDX is at the forefront of planning and delivering transformation / change programmes. We have an expertise-led change practice with specialist experience in delivering tactical and strategic organisational change within financial institutions.

Project review and recovery

  • Project and programme ‘failure’ is common; however, the skills and capability to perform recovery effectively are much less common.
  • Expert team of remediation consultants, operations management consultants & more.
  • JDX’s proven approach is to identify and address underlying issues in a structured way and work actively to resolve risks & issues.


  • Our ethos has been to develop an Integrated Project Delivery Function that is aligned with client success and project goals.
  • Our PMO experience and capability enables us to support with the following:
    • RAID Management
    • Governance and Communications
    • Activity Management
    • People Management
    • Knowledge Management
    • Quality Assurance
    • Financials Management

Project and programme management

  • Skilled in Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid project and programme management methodologies
  • JDX has extensive experience in designing, building, implementing, and maintaining governance frameworks.
  • We have established a project management and quality control function that utilises a proven delivery tool kit and training
  • Deep capabilities and expertise across all stages of the project lifecycle: Set Up – Initiation and Planning – Execution, Monitoring and Control – Closure / BAU Transition

QA and testing

  • JDX combines skilled resources, industry expertise and best practice tools, techniques and methodologies to manage, execute and support testing across the full front to back, end to end delivery lifecycle, covering the full spectrum of products.
  • Services cut across the full delivery cycle:
    • Product / System Test
    • Integration Testing
    • User Testing
    • Migration testing