Technology, data
and analytics

Technology, data and analytics

Document intelligence & digital transformation

Accelerating the processing and management of Financial Services documentation types.
JDX designs and delivers outcomes-focused digital transformation solutions to automate complex document processing tasks by converting, centralising and normalising legal documents before reading, interpreting, extracting and summarising the content within them to drive straight-through-processing, targeting pain points, unmet needs and real business problems.

Scoping, strategy and design

  • Strategy and target operating model.
  • AI model design and build.
  • Advising on contract lifecycle management.
  • Digital transformation consultants

Workflow implementation

  • Technology implementation.
  • Workflow creation and review.
  • Process automation.
  • Project/programme management.

Digitisation and remediation solutions

  • AI model building and business analytics.
  • Document review & data analysis for digital transformation
  • Playbook creation.
  • QA services.
  • Reporting and dashboard.
  • Post-review remediation.

Partners: DocuSign

DocuSign helps organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements. As part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, DocuSign offers eSignature: the world’s #1 way to sign electronically on practically any device, from almost anywhere, at any time. Today, more than 500,000 customers and hundreds of millions of users in over 180 countries use DocuSign to accelerate the process of doing business and to simplify people’s lives.

JDX digital transformation consultants bridge the specialised gap between business, legal and technology. By leveraging the unique perspective of it’s industry practitioners’ and proprietary data extraction models, JDX helps to transform tools such as DocuSign Insight, Analyser & CLM, into enterprise-wide intelligent legal document solutions to automate complex document processing tasks. These solutions are targeted at a broad-spectrum of use-cases and processes, from regulatory transformation to existential events, across the entirety of the end-to-end document lifecycle.

Partners: Eigen

Eigen is a no-code Document AI platform that enables businesses to unlock the information siloed in their documents, rapidly transforming it into usable data for a multitude of use cases, processes and decisions. ​

​Organizations worldwide use Eigen to drive efficiencies, improve decision-making and take advantage of untapped opportunities through digital transformation.

Data management and analytics

Data and information is a critical asset for our clients who are looking for enhanced data management to make quicker and more informed business decisions. We can help our clients to understand the value and enhanced quality of their data assets through expert knowledge from our in-house data management consultants.

Big Data / data science

All aspects related to how we treat, analyse, process and extract information from large volumes of structured and unstructured data.

Data architecture / strategy

Set of rules, policies, standards, and models that govern and define the type of data collected and how to engage, operate, and leverage data. Operating models and architectures

Data management / governance / lineage

Acquiring, validating, storing, protecting, and processing of data to ensure accessibility, reliability, and timeliness of data for its users. Often the areas of expertise for data management consultants.

Data analytics / business intelligence

The science of modelling and analysing data (utilising tools) with the goal of discovering useful information to support business decisions

Data analysis / remediation / quality

Cleansing of data so it is fit for purpose and ensuring data integrity is maintained

Technology consulting

Supporting our clients with the end-to-end delivery lifecycle of business and technology change. Our Technology Consulting services provide deep technical expertise from solution design to technology selection and implementation, whilst working with best-in-class technologies to solve client challenges.

Technology strategy / advisory

Defining the foundations and framework for the delivery of a clients Technology estate – including TCO and CoE initiatives.

Solution design

Expertise in conceptual models to defining detailed logical and physical designs across a larger technology ecosystem.

Technology selection / business case

Partitioning functional requirements and selecting technology products to solve business challenges – including decisions around performance, security, and maintenance.

Implementation / integration / delivery

Building, implementing, and testing technology solutions – from proof of concept to large scale implementations.

Automation / emerging technology

Leverage our strength in data and technology products to drive innovation and automation across various functions and use cases.