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Wash your hands of manual doc review: The Coronavirus and its effect on contracts


The Coronavirus is having an enormous impact on a global scale in terms of health, travel, supply chains, working procedures and events.  As a result, Firms around the world are analysing the contracts in their document management repositories to see if a Force Majeure (act of God) clause is present, and seeking to understand whether the Coronavirus is an event which enables them to terminate or postpone their contractual obligations.

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JDX Celebrates International Women’s Day


“An equal world is an enabled world.” This is the theme for International Women’s Day 2020, but what does it mean? To ‘enable’ means ‘to make possible’, so ‘an equal world is a world made possible’. In other words, this year’s theme is all about recognising that we are all actively responsible for creating an equal world. We can choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, improve situations and celebrate women’s achievements.

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How JDX facilitates the creation of actionable, decision-ready, IBOR data


 With trillions of dollars’ worth of financial contracts referencing LIBOR, with maturities past 2021, the greatest challenge for organizations as they transition away from IBOR will be in identifying all references within their organization and determining the total downstream impact.

Distilling the informational critical path, without losing the bigger picture.

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Early is on time. Why the Buy-Side need to be ready for SFTR long before October 2020


As 2020 approaches so does the implementation of the transactional reporting phase of Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR); another element in the myriad of regulation imposed by the European Commission following the 2008 financial crisis.

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Competing Under Pressure: how the buy-side can create value by using data smartly


Increasing margin and cost pressures on buy-side participants continues to challenge firms to find ways of improving their performance by driving organisational transformation, focused on reducing costs and reevaluating growth strategies, in an attempt to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market.

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International Men’s Day: Let’s Talk About Mental Health


JDX is proud to be celebrating International Men’s Day today. A day designed to focus on men and boy’s health, improving gender relations and gender equality and promoting basic humanitarian values. We can hardly have failed to notice the amount of attention men’s mental health is getting currently, and so wanted to pause and reflect on mental health for men, why it’s a problem and what we can do in the workplace to improve things.

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