Client outreach
and peer review

Client-first is at the heart of everything that JDX does.

We shape our consulting capabilities, services, and experiences around our clients, working with them, and our partners, to design and deliver solutions with outcomes that target our clients’ pain points, unmet needs, and real business problems. We use our unique perspective to provide optionality in the client outcome, while unlocking value throughout the journey. Today’s JDX client story showcases one of our Regulatory and Risk projects.

Our client, a leading technology vendor, engaged JDX to help them identify key considerations for their business and marketing strategy. The considerations centered around client adoption, client environments, changing technology, refinement of operating models and the competitor landscape.


The client had made a strategic decision to change its technology offering. By doing so, it was important for the client to understand both the response of its customers and the changing competitor landscape. JDX were engaged as an independent firm to identify challenges, issues and key considerations moving forward, whilst at the same time taking the pulse of their business and technology from a user perspective.

Project objectives

  • Voice of the customer to help the client better understand their market place, their clients issues, challenges and concerns and perceived weaknesses with vendor technology
  • Competitor landscape – identify the short term and long-term threats, as well as natural partnerships
  • Identify key opportunities as part of a broader go-to-market strategy 

Outcomes / Measurable impact

  • Short and long-term threats identified
  • Client environment report created
  • Key opportunities mapped

The speed of mobilisation and depth of insights has meant that you guys confirmed yourselves as a strategic partner for us

– Head of Sales

The information you presented from our internal teams and from our peers enabled much better decision making

– Business COO


For more information on our Regulatory and Risk services contact Michael Robertson.